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Welcoming you to dream!

To enquire about CUSTOMISING or EDITING the design of an EXISTING dress from our Studio Collections (only),  please contact us on our email at contact@livesofsirens.com (copy and paste into your email as we cannot add images through the site link). Include any custom ideas plus photographic/sketches that demonstrate what new design elements you need.  We can let you know if we can make the adjustments to the gown at no extra cost or quote you for the extra detail. Generally these alterations incur no extra cost unless it requires much more embroidery or crystal bead work.

Total dress re-design sketching is a cost of $100 AUD. The process is VERY different from making design adjustments from an existing dress design, as we have to start from scratch.  If you decide to proceed with the gown drawn out for you, this is transferred as credit towards your purchase. The price of  re-design gown will vary depending on requirements but can range from $2000- $10,000 +.

Gowns from inspo photos or your own sketches are re-created with 90-98% visual design accuracy but will of course be limited to the current fabrics we use, not the fabrics necessarily used in your photographic reference.

Please allow 3 days for a full reply, as you can understand each enquiry takes some time.

We cannot wait to assist you in this exciting process and we thank you for your patience.

x Design Team x